Online Bill Payment

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Online Bill Payment

Use your computer to pay your bills instead of writing a check. It's so convenient, it makes paying bills almost fun! You'll set up information on companies you pay routinely, which makes it lightning fast to pay bills. It also makes for easy access to detailed records of bill payments, without paging through a check register.


Online Bill Payment saves you time and money by eliminating the need to write checks, lick envelopes or buy stamps. It's easy, secure and faster than U.S. Mail.

Online Bill Payment allows you to make an online payment to any business or individual. The money will be debited electronically from your account on the scheduled process date.
A computer with Internet access and web browser software. You must also have at least one active checking account.

We are pleased to offer no activation or transaction fee on Bill Pay. A $4.95 monthly, non-usage fee will be assessed if Bill Pay is not used at least once each month.